How much does iridium cost per gram? What is the recycling price of iridium per kilogram? Today, we will discuss the origin and pricing of iridium to give everyone an idea of how much iridium costs per gram and its recycling price per kilogram.

Iridium has a silver-white appearance, is quite heavy, hard, and stable, and is not easily corroded. To put it another way, iridium is that type of metal that is both shiny and hard, and particularly resistant to wear.
Precious Metal Recycling
Iridium is extracted from ores deep within the Earth and belongs to the platinum group metals. It was discovered in 1803 when scientists studying natural substances accidentally found it. Since then, iridium has gradually come into people’s view.

Finally, let’s talk about what everyone is most concerned about: the recycling price of iridium. Do you know how much iridium costs per gram now? It’s about $110. How is this price determined? It mainly depends on market demand and refining costs. Iridium is not as common as gold and silver; it’s rarer, so naturally, the cost is higher. $110 per gram means that iridium is roughly $110,000 per kilogram.

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